Dan on November 30th, 2016

I typically have been a bottom up investor- look for companies I think are undervalued, and invest in the hope that others will see the bargain out there and raise the price.  This is called ‘Bottom up Investing‘, focusing on the individual market vs the stock sector or the asset class. However, the market action […]

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Dan on November 16th, 2016

A while back, I saw a tweet from Elon Musk recommending the reading of the book ‘The Machine Stopped’, and was curious as I thought I was somewhat up on historical science fiction.  You can access a public domain copy of the book here: http://archive.ncsa.illinois.edu/prajlich/forster.html Considering this book was written in 1909, the vision of the […]

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Dan on November 9th, 2016

As an avid reader of history, and a follower of the US political scene –  I have to rank last nights election of Donald Trump to the presidency as one of the most astonishing national events that I have witnessed.  Much will be written in the next days/months/years/decades about how this came about, so I may […]

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