Dan on October 26th, 2015

Interesting to see Carl Icahn is creating a $150 million Super-PAC expressly to lower taxes on foreign earnings. http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2015-10-23/icahn-says-he-ll-use-new-super-pac-to-help-america-and-himself Given his investments that will benefit from a lowering of foreign taxes, this seems like a no-brainer as far as return on investment.  The good news is he is being public and straightforward about his motives. […]

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Dan on October 15th, 2015

Here is something you technical folks might find interesting – the rest of you may just may just get confused..: A coworker and I ran into an odd problem when developing an  application on  a new server at one of the clients I work at.  This new server is a new 64 bit HP with two quad […]

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Dan on October 6th, 2015

One of my favorite charts of late comes from a JP Morgan Presentation on Markets.  This document contains an overwhelming number of charts and indicators – but this one stood out to me: Looking for a quick way to explain the dramatic drop in oil prices?  This chart shows the dramatic increase in US production […]

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