This blog started as a WordPress evaluation.   I am a software developer, and wanted to experiment / evaluate WordPress for use as a CMS in various web application projects that I create.

As my evaluation continued, I found it an enjoyable mental challenge to post things to my blog that I find interesting.  The primary purpose of this blog now is as a journal, often I find myself reference pass posts for link to articles, or even to re-analyze what I was thinking at the time (that post about selling Apple at $450 comes to mind..).  The other purpose of this blog is as a sandbox / practice area for improving my writing.  I am trying to refine my process of composing articles – as a software engineer I guess I can’t help myself trying to optimize the process.

My blog posts are essentially drafts.  I don’t have anybody proof reading or editing the content.  I try to clean it up as much as possible, but that’s not of great interest to me – my ‘syntax’ quality threshold is pretty low on this site.

I hope any readers that happen across this blog find it interesting, and will overlook any grammatical or spelling errors.  All comments or questions are welcome as I am always up for a discussion and/or hearing alternative opinions.

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