OK, I know I have been ranting about covert  ops lately, but I have just one more.  Naturally I was suspicious when reading about the doctor being rescued by the Seal Team.   Since when does the US send the Seal Team in to rescue aid workers?

Here is a sample media report about the rescue:


According to the media reports, the doctor worked for Morning Star Development.  So I Googled Morning Star Development and CIA, and got this article from a guy who is as suspicious as me – he makes some good observations:


After reading that article, I was curious, so I visited the Morning Star Development website:


No mention of any people who work there, a white paper dated 2007.  All the job postings are from January 2012 (except for 1 from April 2012).  Of course no address – just a PO Box.

Sure looks like a front to me.. but then I am no expert.  Check it out for yourself.



3 Comments on The Doctor Rescue

  1. Tony Vetro says:

    Thanks Dan,
    A big red flag went up when I heard about this but I did not pursue it. Thanks for doing a little digging. Too bad our main stream media is so lame and obviously too beholden to the government which prevents them from giving us the ‘real’ news.

  2. The One says:

    I must agree… After hearing that Seal Team 6 was sent in to “rescue” some random aid giving jack-wagon from the evil clutches of the Taliban my spider senses began to tingle a bit. After a small amount of research we find out this guy is “company man” all the way… Welcome to black ops gentlemen!

  3. Judy B. says:

    I’m grateful I’m not the only cynic in the world!

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